Woodshop Dust Control - Second Edition

  • Woodshop Dust Control - Second Edition 9781561584994

    Sandor Nagyszalanczy presents a complete overview of solutions to woodshop dust problems -- including up-to-date information on the latest products. Sandor covers everything from simple, inexpensive shop vacuums and portable collectors to full-blown central dust collection systems with cyclic pre-separators.

    Youll learn how to protect yourself from respirable wood dust using masks, respirators, and air-filtration devices. Youll also discover ways to control dust and capture the mountains of sawdust produced by portable power tools and stationary machines. When its helpful, Sandor uses charts and graphs to illustrate the information. With the advice in this book, youll get practical information on designing, building and installing a system thats right for your shop.

    "Takes a comprehensive look at dust control issues and solutions for small-shop woodworkersa thorough guide to matching a shops needs to available solutions."

    -- Woodshop News



    Chapter 1: The Problem of Dust in the Woodshop

    Different Forms of Dust
    Sawdust and Respiratory Health
    Fire and Explosion Hazards
    Disposing of Sawdust

    Chapter 2: Strategies for Controlling Dust
    Masks and Respirators
    Shop Ventilation
    Air-Filtration Devices
    Passive Collection
    Portable Shop Vacuums
    Portable and Central Dust Collectors
    Combining Dust-Control Measures
    Alternative Means of Controlling Dust

    Chapter 3: Respiratory-Protection Devices
    Disposable Masks
    Reusable Respirators
    Choosing the Right Filtration
    Fitting a Mask Correctly
    Powered Air-Purifying Respirators

    Chapter 4: Shop Ventilation and Air Filtration
    Shop Ventilation
    Air-Filtration Devices

    Chapter 5: Portable Dust-Collection Devices
    Shop Vacuums
    Portable Dust Collectors

    Chapter 6: Central Dust Collectors
    Central Dust Collector Basics
    Choosing a Collector
    Preseparation of Sawdust
    Collector Filtration

    Chapter 7: Designing a Central Collection System
    The Design Process

    Step 1: Making Shop-Layout Drawings
    Step 2: Locating the Central Collector
    Step 3: Basic Layout of the Ductwork
    Step 4: Refining Duct Layout and Connections
    Step 5: Determining Correct Duct Diameters
    Step 6: Calculating Static-Pressure Losses
    Step 7: Selecting the Right Collector for Your System
    Good Examples: Three Real-Shop Collection Systems

    Chapter 8: Installing a Central Collection System
    Ducting Materials
    Cutting and Installing Pipe
    Grounding the Ductwork
    Testing and Tuning the System
    Switching the Dust Collector On and Off

    Chapter 9: Collection Hoods and Other Devices
    Hoods for Stationary Machines
    Capturing Sawdust from Portable Tools
    Capturing Fine Sanding Dust

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