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    There are many things that separate these block planes from others. The first is that it has a 3.2mm thick by 41.3mm wide blade made from PMV-11 tool steel, an alloy that takes a keener edge, is more resistant to chipping and dulls less easily than any of the other plane blades. As it is 50% thicker than most commercial plane blades, it is also more rigid.

    The second outstanding feature of the planes is the combined feed screw and lateral adjust. It is both more sensitive and more accurate than any other adjustment mechanism.

    These planes also overcomes one of the drawbacks of other block planes in having higher side wings (ideal for shooting) with multiple finger grips in each side. The combination of accuracy of adjustment and fine machining makes it a pleasure to use.

    For general-purpose work, the standard model is 3.2mm taller than its low-angle sibling and has a 20° bed angle and a low-profile lever cap that fits the hand well. The low-angle plane is a delight to use. With its 12° bed angle, it excels at end-grain work.

    With the 152mm long by 50.8mm wide body made from ductile iron, the plane can take hard knocks without cracking. All of the machining is done to a high level of accuracy in our own factory. The accurately milled sides and sole are now also surface ground to a higher degree of finish.

    Shown here in use with the optional handles attached, it is one of the best-selling planes here in Australia for great reason.

    We offer various accessories to maximize its use. For working difficult wood, 38° and 50° bevel blades are available in Veritas's unique PMV-11 tool steel. The toothed blade (38° bevel) works the most difficult grain, especially knots. The small, square teeth leave a textured surface that can be smoothed with a finely set plane or a scraper.

    For more information on why PMV-11 is going to fast become the steel of choice in Veritas planes go to the site they have dedicated to PMV-11.

    About Veritas Planes

    Over the past half-century, plane manufacturers have tended to focus their design efforts on reducing manufacturing costs, as opposed to making planes that work better. When designing their planes, they chose to focus on better adjustment and feed mechanisms, blades that hold a finer edge, and innovative structural improvement to eliminate blade vibration.

    Veritas® planes are manufactured from fully stress-relieved ductile cast iron, which is superior to earlier materials as it maintains its dimensions after machining and will take harder knocks without cracking. All machining is done to a high level of accuracy in our own factory. This ensures a precision fit between parts, for fast and accurate adjustment. The sides and soles of all planes are surface ground to a high degree of finish; the soles are flat and the sides are square to the sole. With the exception of the Scraper and Apron planes, the blades are made from 3.2mm thick A2 tool steel, hardened to Rc60-62. The A2 alloy takes a keener edge, is more resistant to chipping and dulls less easily than other plane blades.

    Low-Angle Plane with PMV-11 Steel Blade
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    PMV-11 Plane Iron 50? Bevel
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