Bessey Quick Action U Jaw Bar Clamps

  • Bessey Quick Action U Jaw Bar Clamps

    Bessey U Jaw Quick Release Bar Clamps with an awesome U-shaped sliding arm

    Bessey U-Jaw quick action clamps are a handy addition to your range of clamps. Perfect for lighter detail work where decent clamping strength is still required but dexterity and ease-of-use are paramount.

    Unlike some of the light-duty bar clamps on the market with this u-shaped design, Bessey are renowned for building extremely tough clamps, so they can build a light-weight u-jaw clamp without sacrificing on reliability and (most importantly) the clamping pressure you need in the first place.

    These clamps weigh next-to-nothing in the hand because of their die-cast zinc material construction, yet will out last your working life and with clamping pressures up to 1500 N you will be able to pull two work pieces together where necessary. Both clamps have 50mm throats.

    Bessey U-Jaw Bar Clamp features

    • Clamping force up to 1,500N
    • Step-over clamping
    • Comes with two protective caps
    • Small and easy to handle
    • Light weight

    Clamp Quick Action 100x50mm U Jaw

    Step-over clamping U-shape - The rail is made of quality steel drawn in a single piece for durability and strength. The U-shape of the rail enables step-over clamping up to 20 mm so you can get to those hard-to-reach places.

    Sliding arm - The sliding arm is made of die-cast zinc. It is light, stable and break-resistant.

    Protective caps - Particularly sensitive workpieces are effectively protected thanks to the protective caps. For all-round gentle clamping.

    100mm Capacity Each
    $13.90 (inc GST)
    200mm Capacity Each
    $14.50 (inc GST)

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