Bessey Pipe Clamp Set

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    Bessey Pipe Clamp Set

    Bessey's famous H-style Pipe Clamp Kit are the best in their class

    Every clamp Bessey make is effectively the best possible engineered clamp available. The German tool manufacturers are renowned worldwide as the pre-eminent clamping specialists, with their designs and quality of materials copied (often unsuccessfully) by other tool makers everywhere.

    As you'll see in Wood Magazine's review below, these clamps are incredibly stable - a massive selling point compared to many of the cheaper models on the market and their elevated jaws allow you to crank without having them overhang the table, which means they're far easier to position. The accessibility and stability, partnered with the unparalleled build quality and German engineering, are why these clamps are the most popular, highly regarded clamps in the world.


    • Suitable for steel pipes DN20/R3/4in (outer diameter 26.9mm)
    • Infinitely-adjustable clamping width determined by pipe length
    • With stand feet so handle clears table
    • Includes non-marring plastic pads to prevent work piece damage


    Wood Magazine - 5/5 Stars

    "A few attributes of these clamps quickly separate them from other top-notch pipe clamps. Both jaws elevate above the worksurface, making it easy to turn the crank without having to hang it over the edge of the work surface. The Besseys also proved stable: Their wide two-point stance means you have to give them a serious sideways jolt to topple them."

    One Pipe Clamp Set
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