Bessey One Handed Clamp - Small

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    Bessey One Handed Clamp - Small

    Bessey EZ One-Hand Clamps - Small -  Set of 2

    When Bessey said small, they meant small. These little one handed clamps from Bessey are best described as "cute". But don't let its cuteness fool you. These little clamps still pack a punch. Perfect for clamping where pressure control is important or where finding clamping points are small or difficult to get to. 

    The Bessey EZS one-handed clamps are ideal for tensioning work that you perform one handed while the second hand is aligned or needs to operate a second tool.

    Because thanks to the sophisticated technique of forces, the one-handed clamping and splitting of workpieces is possible without any problems.

    The ergonomic dual-component plastic handle with a pump lever sits behind the rail and enables powerful pick-up or pressing with unparalleled clamping force.

    EZS single-handed clamping range comes in packs of 2

    So why Bessey

    Unlike many other similar products on the market Bessey Clamps are designed and engineered in Germany for real world use. You are not going to be buying a Bessey clamp now and throwing it away after a few projects. Because of Bessey's renowned quality, you'll be using these in your workshop for as long as you're working in it. 


    • Ideal for multiple applications where size is important
    • Due to the cross prism integrated in the plastic protective caps for the secure fastening of round, pointed and angular pieces due to conversion of the top section from clamping to spreading.
    • It offers ergonomic handling, thanks to sophisticated technology:
    • Robust design
    • Modern aesthetics meet with longevity here:
    • Made from high-quality materials, such as fibreglass-reinforced polyamide for the top and bottom, as well as hardened, tempered, and burnished steel for the profiled rails.


    • Clamping force: 200N
    • Opening: 110mm
    • Throat depth: 40mm
    • Spreading width: 80mm - 190mm
    • Rail: 7mm x 2.5mm
    • Weight approx.: 0.12kg
    • 2 per packet
    110x40mm Set of 2
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    RRP: $31.50

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