Bessey Edge Clamp One-handed

  • Bessey Edge Clamp One-handed EKT-55

    Bessey EKT55 - One Handed Edge Clamp

    Bessey's One Handed Edge Clamp is a game changer for those who do a lot of face framing. Freeing up one hand while you apply the clamp makes these jobs so much easier.

    Features A Compound Screw Mechanism That Allows Simultaneous Engagement Of The Top And Bottom Pressure Pads While Pressure Is Applied To The Front Edge Of The Countertop. Clamps Surfaces Up To 5.1cm - 0.3cm Thick. Pressure Pads Use Soft Plastic Caps For Gentle, No-Slip Clamping. Constructed With A Strong Aluminum Frame.

    Tightening the clamp and securing the edge are affected by simply twisting the handle. To clamp beading and edging strips to flat panels, a clamp is needed which prevents the material from slipping, does no harm to the clamped surfaces and provides a secure hold while, at the same time, permitting the clamped parts to be realigned if necessary. The maximum pressure applied to the edge is 200-230kg; the spindle travel of the pressure plate is 2.5cm - 1.9cm . Panels of between 1cm . and 5.1cm . thickness can be clamped.

    Sold individually.

    $169.90 (inc GST)

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