Bessey Clamp Parallel UniKlamp

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    Bessey Clamp Parallel UniKlamp

    Bessey Clamp Parallel UniKlamp

    Bessey's light duty parallel clamp offering is here and it is called the UniKlamp. Based on Bessey's heavy duty parallel clamps, the UniKlamp is the perfect choice for those who want parallel clamps but don't need the clamping force of more expensive options.

    These clamps are perfect for fine woodworkers. With up to 325lbs of force, these clamps are not weak either. Perfect for those looking for low to moderate pressure during glue ups.

    So why Bessey?

    Unlike many other similar products on the market, Bessey Clamps are designed and engineered in Germany for real world use. You are not going to be buying a Bessey clamp now and throwing it away after a few projects. Because of Bessey's renowned quality, you'll be using these in your workshop for as long as you're working in it. 

    • Parallel jaw faces with extra-large contact surfaces
    • Clamping of various shapes, along the whole length of the rail
    • Universally applicable
    • Light and easy-to-handle
    • No need for tools for switching between clamping and spreading
    Model # Opening (mm) Throat Depth (mm) Spreading Width (mm) Rail (mm)
    UK-16 160 80 172-270 20 x 5
    UK-30 300 80 172-415 20 x 5
    UK-60 600 80 172-720 20 x 5
    UK-16 - 160mm Long Each
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    RRP: $51.90
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    UK-30 - 300mm Long Each
    $33.90 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $53.90
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    UK-60 - 600mm Long Each
    $34.90 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $55.90
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