Bessey Bench Clamp Adapters Medium-Duty

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    Bessey Bench Clamp Adapters Medium-Duty RB-269

    Bessey Bench Clamp Adapters Medium-Duty

    The Bessey Clamp Adapters are the perfect accessory for a number of Bessey Products. Designed to help clamp down your Bessey products to a table or work surface.

    Ideal for medium duty work with angle clamps WS 3/WS 6, screw clamp S 10 and K Body REVO parallel clamps KRE/KREV and KR/KRV.

    Sold individually. Does not include mounting points or other Bessey euqipment.

    So why Bessey?

    Unlike many other similar products on the market, Bessey Clamps are designed and engineered in Germany for real world use. You are not going to be buying a Bessey clamp now and throwing it away after a few projects. Because of Bessey's renowned quality, you'll be using these in your workshop for as long as you're working in it. 


    • Weight: 0.19 kg
    • Throat depth: 28 mm
    • Opening: 60 mm
    • Bolt Ø: 8mm
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    RRP: $14.89

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