Bessey All Steel Clamp GZ Series - Soft Handle

  • Bessey All Steel Clamp GZ Series - Soft Handle

    Bessey Clamp QA All Steel F Clamp Soft Handle 

    When you pick up one of these F clamps it quickly becomes apparent these are not your dad's old boring F clamps that are likely collecting dust in the garage. The weight and finish really shows Bessey's commitment to quality. You can feel that these are good quality German designed clamps, designed to last generations. 

    Bessey has complimented this built quality with a soft grip handle for a more ergonomic option that will mean that after a day of tightening and un-tightening, your hands will thank you.

    So why Bessey?

    Unlike many other similar products on the market, Bessey Clamps are designed and engineered in Germany for real world use. You are not going to be buying a Bessey clamp now and throwing it away after a few projects. Because of Bessey's renowned quality, you'll be using these in your workshop for as long as you're working in it. 


    20% more clamping force per spindle rotation with optimised rail profile
    Maximum security with linear transfer of force at the sliding arm
    Clamping force up to 6,000N
    High-quality 2-component plastic handle
    Pressure plates can be replaced by hand no need for tools (from 80mm width)

    Fixed jaw and sliding arm are constructed of tempered steel for resilient clamping

    Model Capacity (mm) Throat (mm)
    GZ-122-K 120 60
    GZ-202-K 200 60


    120x60mm Soft Grip Handle
    $34.90 (inc GST)
    120x60mm Soft Grip Handle Kit of 4
    $135.00 (inc GST)
    200x60mm Soft Grip Handle
    $56.50 (inc GST)
    200x60mm Soft Grip Handle Kit of 4
    $215.00 (inc GST)

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