Benchcrafted Roubo Split Top Bench Kits (Cast or Machined)

  • Benchcrafted Roubo Split Top Bench Kits (Cast or Machined)

    Roubo Split Top Bench Kits (Cast or Machined): The world's best bench, just add timber

    Have you ever looked at a piece of woodworking brilliance and wished you’d made it? Wait no longer, for the best bench-makers in the business, Benchcrafted, are giving you this opportunity. 

    If you're after the workbench of your dreams, we now stock the Benchcrafted range in two convenient, excellent value kits! These kits contain everything you need to build a Benchcrafted bench except for the timber - all you have to do is choose between cast finish or machine finish equipment. You can now construct the pièce de résistance of any workshop by yourself!

    Your only problem will be convincing your mates it was really you…

    Both kits include:

    The Machined Kit includes:

    The Cast Kit (BCSTRK-1-CF) includes:

    Why a Benchcrafted Hardware Package?

    Benchcrafted benches are made of extremely durable, high quality materials that are designed to last more than just one lifetime. This is more than a workbench - it's the piece de resistance of any workshop and it's something that you can pass down through the generations. In short, it's a legacy. 

    If the prospect of building your own bench seems daunting at first, it’s because usually it is. Typical fastening set ups involving hex nuts and cross-dowells make a process that should be enjoyable, tiresome. 

    Benchcrafted have taken great care to eliminate the tedious parts of construction through an innovative use of barrel and end cap barrel nuts for construction of knockdown joints. The result is a stirling bench without the back-breaking effort. 

    Is this bench right for me?

    This ain’t no IKEA flat-pack. A Benchcrafted Classic bench will last a lifetime, built from the exceptional simplicity and timelessness of the Roubo style. 

    If you have a pre-existing bench that needs a bit of Benchcrafted flair, or you’re looking to install a Glide Leg Vice, then check out Timbecon’s range of other Benchcrafted products including Hi Vice Hardware Kits. Diehard DIYers can also check out our Split Top Bench Plans here.

    As the company quips, a Benchcrafted design is “as solid as humans can make it, short of growing a tree in the shape of a bench.”

    Roubo Split Top Bench Kit Cast Finish
    $1,599.00 (inc GST)
    Roubo Split Top Bench Kit Machined Finish
    $1,949.00 (inc GST)

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