Bench Grinder Toolrest Turning Tool Jig

  • Bench Grinder Toolrest Turning Tool Jig CJ-05-WT

    If you sharpen a lot of skew chisels and gouges on your grinder and need a simple guide to speed up the process then this jig will help out. It squares itself comfortably in the groove of the CJ-05 tool rest and has two 70° guides to quickly grind skew chisel edges. It can easily accommodate even the largest width 32mm skew chisels comfortably. The central V-shaped section is perfect as a base to comfortably roll gouges to grind their edge evenly on your bench grinder.

    The jig is produced from cast aluminium and measures a generous 125 x 75mm overall.

    $19.90 (inc GST)

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