Bandsaw Blade Ceramic Guide Blocks

  • Bandsaw Blade Ceramic Guide Blocks BAS-415-CGB

    Ceramic Bandsaw Guide Blocks take your bandsaw to another universe!

    Let's face it, wood isn't a particularly abrasive material. So why do you have to replace your bandsaw blades so often? The answer is heat.

    Ceramic Guide Blocks and Thrust Bearings are made of high-density aluminum-oxide, the same material used to make ceramic products for NASA. They create far less friction and in turn provide a cooler running blade and truer tracking, meaning they run smoother, quieter, and outlast every other guide block on the market.  

    Industrial aluminum-oxide ceramic guides practically never wear out. As an added bonus, these guides and bearings increase blade life by 40%!

    Why Ceramic Guide Blocks?

    Ceramic guides are used in various applications within the saw mill industry and have been in use for the past 18 years. Previous testing has shown that these guides run truer and cooler with little or no friction. Unlike phenolic or steel guides, these ceramic guides have a guide block seat tolerance of +/- 0.13mm. 

    Most band saws that utilise roller bearings for guides and thrust bearings can be upgraded to ceramic parts very easily, allowing for more efficient operation. Currently we offer ceramic guide blocks for the Sherwood Deep Rip 14in and 18in bandsaws, but we have much more to come to replace the standard bearing guides found on the 10in, 12in and standard 14in model. 

    Because ceramic guides do not have moving parts, they are not prone to the issues that plague roller bearings: clogging with sap and/or debris and a tendency to rust in humid or wet conditions.

    This ceramic guide block set suits the following Sherwood bandsaw models - 

    • BAS-415 16in Bandsaw
    • BAS-470 18in Bandsaw
    • SBS-350-DEL 14in Bandsaw
    • SBS-470 18in Bandsaw

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