Baladonia Side Mount Castors

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    Baladonia Side Mount Castors WBCSET-1

    Heavy Duty Side Mount Castors specifically formulated for machinery

    We all have to do it someday, whether it's upgrading your garage into a workshop, downgrading your workshop into a garage or, like us, trying to fit a new thicknesser into a gap a thicknesser was never supposed to fit. Moving machinery can be a pain - both metaphorically and definitely physically. But these castors make light work of it because, unlike some of the knock-off imitations flooding the market, they're specifically designed for moving large machinery.

    These castors are ideal for woodworkers who may need to move heavy pieces such as workbenches, table saws, router tables, drill presses, thicknessers etc from time to time in their workshops.

    How the Castor Set Side Mounts actually work

    These four urethane casters feature a foot-activated lift mechanism that engages or disengages with the touch of your toe. Built from durable steel, they are designed to hold the heavy stuff. Each castor is designed for a weight of at least 45 kg. The four castors in this set combined will handle at least 180kg. 



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