Baladonia Quick Release Mitre Clamps

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    Baladonia Quick Release Mitre Clamps

    An industry first! Genuine Quick-Release Mitre Clamps

    There are very few genuine quick release mitre clamps on the market. It's probably because they're not an easy thing to design, especially to a woodworker's specifications. We needed a lot more from our cost effective mitre clamping range than just the sort of rubbish you find in a budget bin.

    These specially designed quick-release mitre clamps enable you effortless mitre clamping while ensuring that tips stay together, glue-ups hold securely, there are no fibrous clean ups or wood splits and best of all - the clamping pressure is phenomenal.

    Just click a button to release! How good is that?

    The best mitre clamp features

    • Carefully designed quick release clamping mechanism
    • Easy to handle, rugged built alloy body
    • 65mm clamping capacity is more than enough for most projects
    • Saw cut gap with a thumb operated button!

    A mitre clamp with a proven quick release mechanism!

    A convenient, quick-action mitre clamp with a light, easy-to-handle alloy body. Jaw width and clamping capacity is 65mm. The inside corner has a gap which allows for saw cuts to be made. The thumb operated quick action button and triangular profiled handle makes operation easy with the ability to get considerable purchase tension. 

    Compound mitres, awkward angles, shapes, name it, these mitre clamps can hold it tight.

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