Baladonia Power Tool Guide Protractor Attachment

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    Baladonia Power Tool Guide Protractor Attachment PTGPF

    Cut acute, obtuse angles with the Sawing Guide Protractor Attachment

    Need to cut board on an angle? We have had multiple requests by customers who like the functionality of the power tool guide traveller system for accurately securing the saw whilst cutting large boards, but need to cut at a different angle to the normal 90°.

    The protractor head is fixed to a steel base that has a lip which references it against the edge of the work piece. It can be secured more rigidly if you use a clamp to hold the black steel base down to the work piece than if it was just held by hand if necessary.

    Power Tool Guide Protractor Fence

    An extruded aluminium bracket secures the protractor head to the top channel in the power tool guide and then swivels the guide to the correct position in a +/- 60° range (120° overall range). Then all you need to do is run your saw against the guide or use your traveller to prevent any accidental movement if necessary.

    The guide here is shown with the in-built clamp removed. This is not necessary if there is suitable overhang between the guide and the work piece so the normal integral clamps don't engage with the work piece. 

    Power tool guide is not included and sold separately. If you don't already own one - choose the length you need from the Power Tool Guide page.

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