Baladonia Panel Clamp Kit

  • Baladonia Panel Clamp Kit 05-G-1601

    Bowed panels can be a thing of the past. This Veritas® product is the most effective panel clamp available. It is easy to use, tightens by hand, and is stackable for production work. Best of all, you can make double clamp bars of any length to suit your own needs.

    The specially serrated posts grip the bars, keeping a panel flat under any pressure load without allowing the bars to lift. Bars can be made by drilling 19mm (3/4in) diameter holes in straight stock. 50 x 50mm material is fine, but 100 x 500mm bars let you stack panels, since there is room for the top of one post and the bottom of another in the same hole. Adjustable O-rings on the posts let you clamp anything from 16 - 51mm thick without any shimming; the clamp pads can be set dead center on the stock. The secret to the system is the balanced tension exerted on the bars. The greater the pressure, the more rigid the bars become. The screw has 125mm of travel with a recommended useable span of 1500mm. 

    The panel clamp set, with one head and one tail, does not include the wood. Made in Canada. Patented.

    $105.00 (inc GST)

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