Baladonia Nylon Band Clamp 4m Long

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    Baladonia Nylon Band Clamp 4m Long BC-003

    Baladonia Band Clamps are trade-quality circle and rectangular clamps

    Band clamps are perfect for assembling and holding any shapes from a circle to a rectangle quickly and easily but they're often let down by poor manufacturing. There are simply too many shoddy designs on the market, which you get with any popular tool - too many non-trade companies want to get in on the action and spoil it for the rest.

    For that reason, it's rare that you'll find a nylon band clamp with such high-quality corners and a band that won't mishape under genuine workshop conditions. The Baladonia nylong band clamp is a light-duty clamp with removeable corners that can clamp either a triangle or rectangle using three or four corners. By removing all but the base corner, you can clamp virtually any sided shape you wish.

    Avaliable as a 4m length. 

    Must have band clamp features

    • A range of removable corners for a variety of clamping capabilities
    • Nylon, spring band that stays strong under pressure
    • light-duty corners for serious projects - none of this crappy manufacturing you see on low-cost clamps
    • Incredible versatility - clamp any sided-shape you want
    • Tight locking mechanism that won't slip and actually holds your workpiece securely
    • Unbelievable clamping pressure

    How to use a genuine band clamp

    Clamping pressure is applied by placing the band around the work piece and pulling tight to lock in place. The locking mechanism on this clamp is a real highlight, as so many on the market feel like they were never built to hold anything securely once clasped. Increase clamping pressure by turning the screw handle. The two support arms then hold the base corner in place when setting up the band.

    Band Clamp specifications

    The band can clamp work pieces up to 4m outside diameter and is kept neat in a retractable band reel to keep it out of the way when working. Depending on the clamp you choose.

    Unbelievable clamping pressure, more than what is necessary to hold a work piece in place while the glue dries is possible with this clamp and we highly recommend to have at least one of these in the workshop to clamp up projects.

    $24.90 (inc GST)

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