Baladonia Imperial Forstner Bit Set of 16

  • Baladonia Imperial Forstner Bit Set of 16 FSB-16

    This 16-piece imperial forstner drill bit set offers fantastic value for money!

    Because these forstners are specially formulated to guide by the rim and not the centre point, they're more than just flat-bottom hole experts. We pride ourselves on the quality of these forstners in a huge range of different timbers and you'll find when working in wood that has knots, grains and other imperfections that they counter for the natural variations at a far higher accuracy than we've seen in forstner bits previously.

    Whether you're increasing holes, trueing up existing or tackling large-diameters, the varied set of attributes and capacity these bits offer puts them in the upper echelon of those currently available on the Australian market.


    • The design permits large chip clearance easily
    • Their ability to track truly makes them especially suited for drilling deep or extra large diameter holes. 
    • Extension bars are available for this purpose.

    Sawtooth above 1inch for easier, more efficient drilling - without sacrificing a clean cut

    All the bits in the set are true forstner bits up to 7/8in with all bits 1in and larger having a sawtooth design. A sawtooth design makes them able to cut more easily when drilling with the grain (such as through end-grain). They still retain clean cutting characteristics when used drilling across the grain but just not as clean as a true forstner bit - although acceptable for virtually all wood boring. 


    Sizes included in this set are - 1/4in, 3/8in, 1/2in, 5/8in, 3/4in, 7/8in, 1in, 1 1/8in, 1 1/4in, 1 3/8in, 1 1/2in, 1 5/8in, 1 3/4in, 1 7/8in, 2in & 2 1/8in

    How to sharpen

    Sharpen by running a small flat diamond plate along the horizontal scraper cutter keeping the angle constant. The rim needs less frequent sharpening but can be touched up using a round file or diamond stone on the inside. Never grind or touch up the outside of the bit.

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