Baladonia Drill Press Table T-Track Hardware Kit

  • Baladonia Drill Press Table T-Track Hardware Kit DPTTK-1

    Watch the video and learn how to make your own custom-designed drill press!

    While drill press vices are perfect to use with drill presses when drilling metals, they aren't the best option for drilling timber. So we've come up with a great design of drill press table that provides a large, stable platform to support your work piece and make drilling easier, safer, more accurate and repeatable. 

    The T-track kit includes all the hardware to make the drill press table as shown here so all you need to do is provide the timber, follow the detailed instructional video and get drilling in no time! Shown in the video as an optional extra and image is the captive t-track groove cut in front of the sacrificial insert. This has been done by plunging and grooving with the keyhole bit that is available for purchase separately.

    $179.00 (inc GST)

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