Baladonia 968mm Aluminium Straight Edge

  • Baladonia 968mm Aluminium Straight Edge ASE-968

    A super-reliable, durable aluminium Straight Edge

    While not as accurate as the iGaging steel straight edges, this economical straight edge will suit virtually all woodworker's needs.

    It features an 11mm-wide lapped flat sole on one edge so that it easily stands upright. Also, it has a fine 3mm-wide edge that is accurate to the British Standard of 0.075mm over its 965mm length. it is anodized ochre for long life, durability and visibility in the workshop and has a metric 965mm scale on both edges.

    Straight Edge 968mm 38in Long Aluminium

    The straight edge stands close to 47mm tall with a comfortable-to-grip shape that can stand on its own, leaving both hands available for other tasks. It is also tapered on the thin edge to make it easy to line up by eye. Overall, this is a well-designed and well-built measuring tool.

    $57.90 (inc GST)

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