Baladonia 16mm Keyless Drill Chuck

  • Baladonia 16mm Keyless Drill Chuck DCAK-162

    Heavy-duty keyless chucks are fast becoming a popular choice for drilling due to their ease of use.

    A chuck key (that often gets misplaced or sometimes even lost) is no longer required to tighten these chucks properly and hold your drill bits securely. This particular industrial keyless chuck is produced to engineering standards and is perfect for use on either drill presses or in the tailstocks of woodturning lathes. The OE manufacturer produces for many major high-quality brands so accuracy is guaranteed.


    • Extremely versatile and made to exacting quality control standards
    • Works in a 1.0 - 16.0mm range
    • Includes the #2MT arbor so you can put it straight on to your drill press or lathe without having to order any extra parts.

    These chucks overcome the three worst keyless chuck issues

    For years we had the same complaints about keyless chucks that you do. Firstly, before Baladonia released their range, you simply couldn't find a cost-effective keyless chuck at a competitive price point, but Baladonia have managed to keep the price low by sourcing directly from OE manufacturers, making this keyless chuck one of very few on the market to perfectly combine cost and reliability.

    Secondly, they don't grind, chip or wear over time meaning that you won't begin to struggle to find the perfect fit. These Baladonia keyless chucks fit snugly with a very easy, intuitive twisting motion and a unique anti-slip design. Finally, the runout is kept very low (just 0.03mm on Sherwood's Drill Presses) meaning you can have serious accuracy on a whole range of different machines.

    Also available in a 1.0 - 13.0mm capacity.

    $83.90 (inc GST)

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