Auto-PRO Face Frame Clamps

  • Auto-PRO Face Frame Clamps

    Face Frame Clamps feature technology that enables the jaws to automatically adjust to and grip different size objects quickly without manually fine tuning the adjustment. Set the desired clamping pressure, and the jaws apply that pressure to the different sizes of material with no continuous adjustment needed - providing unprecedented convenience.

    The circular faces spread force evenly preventing material marring, with soft grip handles for comfortable long-term use. 

    The Armor Tool Clamps work with all major brands of pocket hole jigs such as Kreg and Milescraft. 

    76mm Reach Clamps can clamp up to 76mm thickness while the 152mm Reach Clamps can clamp up to 115mm thickness.

    So what sets Armor Tool hand clamps apart from competitors?

    Unlike other "auto-adjusting" hand clamps, the Armor Tool clamps apply consistent even pressure, even when the jaws are 10mm, 30mm or 100mm apart. You will find that with other auto-adjust clamps, that clamping pressure does vary between material thicknesses so while adjusting to account for this doesn't take much time, it isn't a true automatically adjustable clamp. Armor Tool's patented Auto-PRO™ technology is the only truly clamp that provides true consistent automatically adjusting clamping pressure across the full clamp

    76mm | 3in Clamp
    $46.50 (inc GST)
    152mm | 6in Clamp
    $52.90 (inc GST)
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