Armor Tool Drill Press & Weld Table Auto Adjust Hold-Down

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    Armor Tool Drill Press & Weld Table Auto Adjust Hold-Down

    The Weld Table/Drill Press Clamp features Armor Tool's patented Auto-Adjust technology that enables the jaws to automatically adjust to and grip different size objects on your weld table quickly, without manually fine tuning the adjustment while reaching up to 7″ (178mm) off your table surface. Set the desired clamping pressure, and the jaws will automatically apply that pressure to the different sizes of material.

    No continuous adjustment needed. Unprecedented convenience. Clamp comes with Soft Grip (w/removable pad) and dual application mounts for Weld Table (8″ Post) and Drill Press/Table machines, this clamp fits all your needs.

    Included Hardware:

    • Eye-Bolt
    • 8″ – 5/8″ Weld Table Post
    • Removable Soft Grip Cover
    • Auto adjust drill press Clamps allow fast one hand clamping on drill press, machine tops or benches - 3" jaw.
    • Use mounting ring for bottom mount on drill press, or use 5/16 *18 button head T bolt for bench mounts
    • Features armor's "best in Class" auto adjust technology - set the pressure, and change material size without readjusting Clamp.
    • 25-400Lbs of consistent tip pressure over the 2.5" jaw opening range
    • Comfortable soft grip
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