Armor Tool Auto-Pro Workbench Hold Down Clamp

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    Armor Tool Auto-Pro Workbench Hold Down Clamp

    Armor Tool's incredible patented auto-adjusting Hold Down Clamps

    Armor Tool's Auto-PRO™ Workbench/Drill Press Hold-Down Clamps feature patented automatic technology that enables the jaws to adjust to and grip different size objects quickly without manually fine tuning the adjustment.

    Simply set the desired clamping pressure, and the jaws apply that pressure to the different sizes of material with no more continuous adjustment needed, providing unprecedented convenience. The one-hand clamping operation frees up your other hand to hold material for fast, easy setups.

    Drill Press Hold-Down: Auto Adjust 76mm 3in

    Features a Swivel Tip with removable soft-grip pads that cover large steel face pad that spreads the clamping pressure and soft-grip handles for comfortable use.

    The large eyebolt is included as standard for mounting on to drill press and other tables with large slots as well as being able to remove this and using the included bolt for smaller mounting operations.

    Workbench Hold Down Clamps with massive thickness clamping capabilities

    The thread in the base of the clamp is 5/16in so to adapt to use in standard 5/16in t-track, use a 5/16in t-bolt (available separately) and either use the shortest length bolt or alternatively cut the bolt down to size to suit the application.

    76mm Reach Clamps can clamp up to 63mm thickness while the 152mm Reach Clamps can clamp up to 115mm thickness. Both have a clamping strength adjustable over a 25 - 250 lb range.

    76mm | 3in Clamp
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    152mm | 6in Clamp
    $44.90 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $75.00

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