Arbortech Tuff Cut Trade Blade

  • Arbortech Tuff Cut Trade Blade IND-115

    Arbortech's Angle Grinder Trade Blade is a heavy-duty carving blade (and a tradie's dream).

    A heavy duty carving blade suitable only for 4 1/2in angle grinders. The large tungsten teeth are brazed on to the thick solid blade to ensure minimal vibration during use. A great all-purpose blade that can be used for shaping and trenching - a tradie's dream.

    The Trade Blade is the tradespersons and DIY'ers dream because of just how many features it has that other angle grinder carving blades don't. The Trade Blade's resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth promise long life and unrivalled cutting performance. This blade is designed for straight cuts and carving through the toughest of materials, from dirty wood with embedded nails to aluminium.

    This blade suits 4 ½in grinders out of the box and may require the nylon reducing bushes for 4in grinders.

    Arbortech's Angle Grinder Trade Blade Features

    • Easy to use
    • Extremely controllable
    • Resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth
    • Easy to sharpen
    • Using for a large variety of applications

    Why we love the Trade Blade

    • Straight cuts
    • Carving aluminium
    • Cuts most materials
    • Ideal for removing old floorboards and decking with nails, cutting PVC pipes, cutting any sheet material.

    What's included

    • Trade Blade
    • Nylon Reducing Washer

    The Trade Blade offers exceptional control, performance and versatility

    The Trade Blade offers great control. The engineered cutting teeth are not sharp to touch, but will cut efficiently when in action and attached to a suitable angle grinder. Take it straight out of your toolbox; it will not pierce the skin like other sharp-toothed industrial blades can. Performance wise, it's Resharpenable with tungsten carbide teeth for smooth cuts. Simply use a sharpening file to extend the life of the blade. Versatility wise, you can straight cut most materials with the Trade Blade. Can be used for a large variety of trade-related applications including removing old floorboards and decking, cutting PVC pipes, and cutting any sheet material.


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