Arbortech Power Chisel Woodcarver's Starter Kit

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    Arbortech Power Chisel Woodcarver's Starter Kit PCH-030

    The perfectly equipped 5-Pack Arbortech Power Chisel Kit: Everything you could want

    This pack is fantastically equipped, containing the full array of chisels to give you maximum flexibility in usage. This means when you buy an Arbortech Power Chisel, with one additional purchase you can tackle basically anything and produce really attractive projects without having to second-guess or restrict your own creativity. As with all Arbortech tools and attachments, these chisels are all manufactured from high strength carbon steel and then heat treated for optimum hardness - they don't break, they don't disfigure over time. 

    We tend to gush over Arbortech accessories and fittings because as we've said before, there's a few shoddy knock-off accessory kits on the Aussie market that are rubbish quality, but Arbortech always seem to get the balance between a fantastic, durable attachment kit and a cost-effective, value price bang on.

    The Arbortech Power Chisel Starter Kit Includes - 

    •  1x 60° V-Profile 8mm Gouge
    •  1x Profile #11 7mm Gouge
    •  1x Profile #8 7mm Gouge
    •  1x Profile #9 20mm Gouge
    •  1x 90° V-Profile 18mm Gouge

    Please Note: This is for the Chisel Kit only. Arbortech Power Chisel is not included.

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