Arbortech Power Chisel Woodcarver's Pack

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    Arbortech Power Chisel Woodcarver's Pack PCH-032

    Arbortech's Power Chisel Carver's Chisel Kit (Pack of 3)

    These chisels have been specifically selected to suit the basic needs of Woodcarvers and Sculptors. They're all manufactured from high strength carbon steel and then heat treated for optimum hardness and when we've used them in our workshops, we've found the lifespan of these chisels is exquisite.

    From other brands, we've often found these value-chisel packs presage an attempt at providing the best of both worlds, without ever doing anything that amazingly. But Australian engineering firm Arbortech have built their reputation on careful attention to detail, and we've found each one of these chisels to excel at their projects, rather than a pass mark. Arbortech's power chisel woodcarver - their original design stemming all the way back to the 1980s, is truly the paragon of wood carving chisels and so it's no surprise that every chisel the company produces meets their lofty standards.

    This Power Chisel Pack Includes - 

    • 1x Profile #9 20mm Gouge
    • 1x Profile #8 7mm Gouge
    • 1x 90° V-Profile 18mm Gouge

    Please Note: This is for the Chisel Kit only. Arbortech Power Chisel is not included.

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