Arbortech Power Carving Unit

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    Arbortech Power Carving Unit PWC-600

    The Power Carving Unit is the ideal power source for all your Arbortech attachments.

    This kit guarantees to optimise performance and completes the Power Carving Range. Simply secure any Arbortech attachment and experience power carving like never before.

    What's Included:

    • Power Carving Unit
    • Levelling Guide
    • Chip Catcher
    • Chip Tube
    • Sanding Pad
    • Fan
    • Spacer Steel
    • Assorted Sanding Discs (3×60, 120, 180, 240 grit)

    Please Note: Price includes Power Carving Unit and accessories but does not include blades.

    Sanding Pad

    • Designed for initial sanding stages, this high performance, slightly flexible Sanding Pad is ideal for sanding medium to large projects and is capable of moulding to slight contours. Use the Sanding Pad in combination with the Chip Catcher and attach to a vacuum for wood dust control.
    • TIP: Use with the Levelling Guide to achieve flat, smooth surfaces.

    Levelling Guide

    • When used with the Arbortech Turbo Plane (not included), this attachment creates an extremely flat levelled surface. Use with the Sanding Pad (included) to achieve a very even smooth finish.
    • TIP: Connect the Chip Tube to the Levelling Guide to funnel wood chips (only when used with the Turbo Plane)

    Chip Catcher

    • Designed to collect dust and chips during free form carving and sanding stages when used with a vacuum.
    • Sanding stage: fit the Sanding Pad into the Chip Catcher and attach to a vacuum to extract wood dust during sanding.
    • Carving stage: fit to the Chip Tube or a vacuum to reduce wood chips during free form carving stages with the Turbo Plane (not included).

    Chip Tube (Only with the Turbo Plane)

    • Without a vacuum, the Chip Tube is an easy option to funnel wood chips into a bucket to reduce mess.
    • TIP: Once connected to the Chip Catcher or Levelling Guide, the Chip Tube will funnel wood chips straight onto the floor or into a bucket.


    • Use the fan in conjunction with the Chip Tube and the Turbo Plane (not included) to get rid of most of the wood chips and dust without a vacuum.

    Variable Speed

    • 6 variable speed settings ranging from 2,000rpm to 11,000rpm means you can adjust the speed of carving and sanding to suit your needs. Lower speed settings are recommended for the use of the 100mm Sanding Pad (included) and also when using sanders on the Arbortech Mini Turbo attachment (not included).

    Enhanced Ergonomics

    • The vibration-reducing handle further increases user comfort and ergonomics. With a soft start, the Power Carving Unit has a gradual increase from zero to full performance speed with no abrupt jolts.


    $339.00 (inc GST)

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