Arbortech Contour Random Sander

  • Arbortech Contour Random Sander

    The Contour Sander. A perfect alternative to sanding by hand

    Please Note: This is the Contour Sander Attachment only. You will need your own Angle Grinder.

    The Arbortech Contour Sander is a revolutionary attachment tool for sanding deep profiles, contours and detailed woodwork. The random orbital sanding action combined with the patented flexible backing pad creates a perfect finish without scars, scratches or blemishes.

    • Moulds to shape for effective sanding of shaped and sculpted forms
    • Powerful random sanding action
    • Does not burn or dig in at edges
    • Fits to any standard angle grinder

    The Kit Includes: 

    • 1 x Random Sander Attachment
    • 1 x Backing Pad
    • 1 x Adaptor Nut
    • 3 x 80 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 120 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 180 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 240 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 320 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 400 Grit Sanding Discs
    • 3 x 600 Grit Sanding Discs

    Suits 100mm (4”) and 115mm (4.5”) Angle Grinders. Spindle size: M10 x 1.5 - M14 x 2.0

    Contour Random Sander
    $89.00 (inc GST)
    Wearing Bush Assembly
    $14.00 (inc GST)

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