Adjustable Plinth Leg

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    Adjustable Plinth Leg

    Adjustable Plinth Leg 

    Please note: Adjustable Plinth Leg and Mounting Plate are sold separately in the drop-down menu. To make one complete leg you will need to purchase one leg (PLINTH-180) and one mount plate (SI-180)

    Black plastic adjustable height leg for kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.

    By taking off the outer collar, rotating it 180 degrees and putting it on again, the overall height of this adjustable plinth leg is adjusted down by 50mm - from a nominal 150mm height most commonly used for kitchen cabinets, down to a 100mm nominal height for bathroom vanities.


    • Coarse woodruff thread
    • 5mm of height adjustment per 360 degree rotation 
    • Pulls tight under weight
    • Solid base
    • Five slots on foot for easy height adjustment using a flathead screwdriver
    • 90 - 180mm adjustment
    Adjustable Plinth Leg Only
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    RRP: $2.50
    Mount Plate Only
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