Adjustable Plinth Leg

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    Adjustable Plinth Leg

    A two-in-one leg to save you time and space

    It's funny how the seemingly simplest changes can have an amazing impact on the prepotency of a product. By taking apart the threaded stem and collar, turning it 180 ?and putting it together again, the overall height of this adjustable plinth leg is adjusted by 50mm - from a nominal 150mm height most commonly used for kitchens to a 100 mm nominal height for bathroom vanities.

    One leg covers two bases, enabling you to save time in application and stock-holding for a second type of plinth legs, thus space in your storeroom. The screw-in mounting plate is also available, offering a large base plate with a sturdy design for pre-assembly in a factory and sliding across the shopfloor/delivery truck.

    • Coarse woodruff thread
    • Providing 5 mm of height per 360 ? rotation 
    • Pulls tight underweight
    • Solid base
    • Five slots for easy height adjustment with a flat-head screwdriver
    • Universal leg height adjustable by 90 mm – one product for many applications
    • The plinth leg offers a 90 - 180mm adjustment
    • Modern black colour
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    Screw In Mount Plate
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