Torquata Heavy-Duty Bench Holdfast Cast Iron 115mm Capacity

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    Torquata Heavy-Duty Bench Holdfast Cast Iron 115mm Capacity BDC-01

    This solid, cast iron holdfast is essential in any workshop or on a worksite.

    The large, ergonomic grip is made from two-component plastic and it easily yields high clamping pressure with just a few turns. The large 44mm-diameter rubber pressure plate ensures non-marring clamping of the workpiece while the serrated (fluted) shaft securely fits into any 19 mm (¾in) hole.

    What to look for in a bench holdfast

    • A sensible, carefully designed grip made by woodworkers so that it won't drive you nuts!
    • Huge rubber plates for non-marring and extreme grip
    • Serrated shaft for high-pressure holding and a secure fit every time
    • Long overall length, galvanised for heavy-duty, long life durability
    • Extremely easy to use, impossible to break!

    It is galvanized, with an overall length of 155mm. Maximum working height is 115mm, when shaft inserted the recommended 60mm into the dog hole and the throat capacity (measured from the middle of the pressure plate to the inner leg of the shaft) is 125mm.

    A real benefit is that it can be used by either exerting increasing pressure using the screw mechanism or used traditionally by quickly knocking it into and out of place with the tap on the arm with a mallet. 

    Great value for money!

    $39.90 (inc GST)

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