Torquata Double Clutched Pipe Clamp for 3/4in Pipe Panel Clamping

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    Torquata Double Clutched Pipe Clamp for 3/4in Pipe Panel Clamping CPC-100

    Torquata’s Double-Clutched Pipe Clamps deliver increased versatility with the all the clamping strength of traditional pipe clamps.

    Create your own custom clamps, or run multiple glue-ups on a single pipe set. The ideal solution for all woodworkers looking for flexible panelling options. 

    The key to the versatility of these clamps is the innovative double-clutched design. Both the head and the tail of the clamps are attached to the pipe using a clutch mechanism. You no longer need threaded pipe. You no longer need to locate the head at the very end of the pipe. You no longer need to store a ton of pipes ‘just in case’. Take advantage of your freedom!

    Brilliant Versatility

    The Torquata Double-Clutched Pipe Clamp eliminates the need for threaded pipe, so you can buy long pipe lengths and cut them to the size you need. You can also flip the heads around and use the clamp as a spreader. Or, you can put multiple pairs on a sing long pipe and set up more than one glue-up at once.  Watch your productivity soar!

    Serious Pressure

    Four-plate clutches on both the head and the tail deliver massive grip on the pipe. These clamps won’t slip, even during the toughest glue-ups.

    Stability and Balance

    Torquata’s Double-Clutched Pipe Clamp have wide, solid feet offering more stability and excellent clearance under the clamp. And because you can slide the head of the clamp as well as the tail, you can ensure your glue-up job remains in the centre of the pipe – no more tipping and swinging.

    • Innovative double-clutch system eliminates the need for threaded pipe 
    • Large feet offer more stability and clearance between handle and worktop 
    • Ergonomic handle offers easier clamping and reduced hand fatigue 
    • Designed with four-plate clutch for high clamping pressure and quick release.

    Torquata’s Double-Clutched Pipe Clamp fits on steel pipe in 3/4" BSP, or with an outside diameter of approximately 26.4mm.

    About Torquata

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