Torquata Birdsmouth Jointing Bit for Making 16 Sided Vessels 1/2in Shank

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    Torquata Birdsmouth Jointing Bit for Making 16 Sided Vessels 1/2in Shank BM-2222-H

    Use Birdsmouth Jointing Bits for extremely strong masts, booms and cylindrical pieces

    Historically used in the construction of masts and booms for wooden boats, the birdsmouth joint is straightforward to make, stronger than a traditional mitre and with nested joints, easier to glue up without shifting.

    Birdsmouth joints are a traditional joint used in making masts. This bit allows you to do this, but more interestingly, allows you to make multi-sided vessels. This bit will allow you to use timber up to 22.2mm (7/8in) thick for flush joints, but to make cylindrical pieces, use thicker material and then turn or plane down to the round shape. The bit has a 1/2in shank and should be used in a router table. Length of bit = 22.2mm, Diameter of bit 38.1 - 41.3mm

    With this router bit, it is a simple matter to make hollow columns, as well as straight or tapered multi-sided planters, bowls, etc., all of which can be left multi-faceted or planed/sanded round. Generally, more sections are required for larger-diameter assemblies to keep the wall thickness to a minimum, and reduce the amount of material to be removed when rounding.

    Designed to produce flush joints with material up to 22.2mm thick. Thicker material can be used, but will require some dressing after glue-up.

    For better safety, these bits should be used only in a router table equipped with a fence and not used free hand.


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