Pony Jorgensen No. 4 Smoothing Hand Plane

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    Pony Jorgensen No. 4 Smoothing Hand Plane PJ-70730

    The #4 Smoothing Plane is an indispensable piece of equipment. It is the almost complete all-rounder plane, capable of flattening, trimming, and smoothing wood in a very wide range of applications. Pony Jorgensen’s take on the classic design is precisely made, fit and finished, and ready right out of the box. The must-have plane for new and experienced woodworking enthusiasts.

    The Pony Jorgensen Smoothing Plane #4 is ready to use from the box and does not need hours of flattening and fettling to make it fit for use. Only minimum honing is required to get the 3mm thick O1 tool steel blade into razor-sharp condition. The frog has a fully machined underside that mates perfectly with the fully machined bed in the sole, which is cast from ductile iron for impact-resistance and fully stress-relieved.

    The #4 is mainly designed to take an incredibly thin shaving from wood that has already been flattened, leaving a flawless silken surface that is ready to receive finish. However, it can also be adjusted to take a much more aggressive cut, making the Pony Jorgensen #4 a true all-rounder. An essential piece of every woodworker’s kit.


    Sole Dimensions

    252 x 64mm

    Plane Body

    Ductile Iron

    Plane Blade Steel




    $149.90 (inc GST)

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