Milescraft GrabberPlus Push Block Non-Marring Retractable Heel

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    Milescraft GrabberPlus Push Block Non-Marring Retractable Heel MC-3405

    The Milescraft GrabberPLUS is a multi-purpose push block with locking heels for safe ripping, routing, jointing and more.

    The GrabberPLUS offers an upgraded safety solution to the Grabbe family of Milescraft push blocks. It’s great for extra control when using router tables, table saws, jointers, and bandsaws. The high-friction, diamond grip prevents boards from slipping and the added spring-loaded retractable heels secure to the end of your workpiece and guide it through your cut.

    The GrabberPLUS is a must-have for every enthusiast and professional woodworker.

    Spring-Loaded, Retractable Locking Heels

    The increased control during cuts to eliminates tear-out when ripping or routing.

    Diamond Grip Rubber Bottom

    Non-marring, non-slip TPE material provides maximum control to safely hold your workpiece in place

    Comfortable hand grip

    The handle design keeps constant downward, inward, and forward pressure on workpiece to safely finish cuts and prevent binding or kickback.

    Milescraft – Always the better idea

    Milescraft offers a range of products designed to leverage your base skills in woodworking. Skills such as measuring, drilling and sawing.

    Make it easy with Milescraft – order your GrabberPro today.



    248mm (9-3/4in)


    83mm (3-1/4in)

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