Melbourne Tool Company Cabinet Scraper Carbon Steel Ergonomic Handles

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    Melbourne Tool Company Cabinet Scraper Carbon Steel Ergonomic Handles MTC-11428

    The MTC Cabinet Scraper is the antidote to tedious sanding. Comfortable, fast and simple to use, it your go-to tool for cleaning up surfaces.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And to do this well, you need good tools. Melbourne Tool Company offers tools that are genuine, accurate and accessible, tools designed for the woodworker in you.

    Your MTC Cabinet Scraper

    New thinking from Melbourne Tool Company has turned the traditional cabinet scraper into a comfortable, efficient workshop companion.

    Due to their blade angle, all cabinet scrapers require significant physical effort to push through the cut. Handle design is therefore absolutely crucial. MTC have carefully redesigned the shape and position of the cabinet scraper’s handles, optimising the angle of effort and delivering a more efficient, easier action. And by incorporating soft cork inserts into the handles the sensation of holding the tool is softened and grip is improved. This balance of comfort and control means you can work for hours.

    Ergonomic Innovation

    Careful ergonomic design has created a beautifully balanced and responsive tool. The cork inserts feel good in the palms with no recesses on the underside of the handles. Your fingers curl comfortably under the handle rather than squeezing up under a sharp, concave piece of cast iron.

    Fine Finish

    Cabinet scrapers excel at producing a smooth and fine finish on a workpiece. While the cutting action is similar to that of a card scraper, the flat sole prevents you from creating a divot or depression in the surface. And your thumbs will thank you!

    Easy to Set Up

    MTC’s carbon steel scraper blade is ground at 45 degrees on both edges and is easy to prepare for work by simply turning a small burr. The blade can be reversed when one edge dulls, while the upper sharp edge is tucked safely behind the body casting, meaning you won’t accidentally cut yourself! A knurled brass knob allows you to set the depth of cut precisely and easily, so you can spend time on your project rather than on your tool.

    Quiet and Clean

    Unlike power tools such as sanders, cabinet scrapers produce hardly any noise and do not create dust. Perfect when working on fine projects or in spaces where noise and dust need to be minimized. Your ears and lungs will thank you!

    Environmentally Friendly

    Sanding your project through the grits means that your rubbish bin will begin to fill up with used abrasives. Not only does this cost you money, it’s also pretty rough on the environment. The MTC Cabinet Scraper produces zero landfill, but is much more pleasant to use than a cloth nappy.

    Owner’s Manual

    Your MTC Cabinet Scraper is delivered securely packaged in a foam lined cardboard box. Inside is a QR code you can scan to download your comprehensive Owner’s Manual. Visit the Melbourne Tool Company website for additional products, information downloads and video content.

    About Melbourne Tool Company

    Melbourne Tool Company produces genuine, accurate and accessible tools for people passionate about woodworking. To learn more about Melbourne Tool Company visit

    Brand Melbourne Tool Company (MTC)
    Model SKU MTC-11428
    Country of Origin Designed in Melbourne Australia, manufactured in China
    Warranty Limited lifetime
    Casting Material Cast Steel
    Blade Material Carbon Steel
    Blade Width 70mm
    Overall Width 295mm
    Weight  903g
    $99.00 (inc GST)
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