Magswitch Reversible Magnetic Featherboard Starter Kit

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    Magswitch Reversible Magnetic Featherboard Starter Kit MSWSK-150


    The Magswitch workholding system are the most advanced featherboards on Earth.

    Also available with a Vertical Attachment. 

    The Perfect entry into the Magswitch Work Holding System. This kit is designed to offer absolutely everything you need to get the most out of Magswitch's magnetic featherboard range, including the best of the brand's endless range of accessories, all without breaking the bank.

    What's so good about Magswitch?

    The best part of the Magswitch range is the ability to expand beyond your table's mitre slot and position your workpiece with high-quality fences anywhere thanks to easily repositionable magnets. These magnets can be used for any part of the Magswitch range and are not only phenomenally versatile but hard-wearing and built for tough conditions.

    Magnetic Featherboards are just the beginning

    The Starter Kit comes complete with the:

    • Reversible Featherboard Attachment
    • Universal Mounting Base
    • Two MagJig 150’s. 

    How to use the Magswitch system

    Once you have this kit, get all the other great Magswitch attachments and simply mount to the base as needed. Features core advantages of Magswitch including fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel table or cast iron fence – you’re now no longer limited by your machine’s mitre slot. 

    The included featherboard is reversible for left and right hand feeds and – also highly recommended – it can accommodate the Vertical Featherboard Attachment for an added dimension of safety and protection against kickbacks. The low profile design can be used on your smallest tables.

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