Luban No. 73 Scraper Hand Plane

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    Luban No. 73 Scraper Hand Plane LSC-001

    Luban's Number 73 Scraping Plane produces extremely clean surfaces with no tear out! 

    One step beyond a high angle smoothing plane, scraping planes take a very light cut and produce a clean surface with no concerns about grain direction and no tear-out.

    The blade is sharpened square or very lightly cambered at 45°, then a hook is burnished that does the cutting. Depth of cut is set fine tuned by leaning the blade forward or back via the opposed thumbwheels. Sole dimensions: 238mm x 88mm.

    Blade: 1.6mm thick 73mm, from T10 carbon steel hardened to RC59.

    Luban Scraping Plane Features

    • Perfect tool for hand finishing large or delicate work surfaces, such as veneers, marquetry or burrs
    • Takes a very light cut to produce a smooth clean surface, irrelevant of grain direction
    • Blade is ground at 45 degrees and burnished to produce a hook that does the cutting
    • Micro-fine adjustment to produce extremely very fine shavings

    Why should you use a Luban Scraping Plane?

    Luban's scraping planes are fantastic due to their careful design allowing the fine finishing of ultra-thin materials, such as veneers. Also brilliant for marquetry and burrs, these scraping planes can be finely adjusted using the hard-wearing, excellently built adjustment knobs, which change the angle of the naturally angled 45 degree blade (best for extremely fine shaving no matter the grain direction) to give you full flexibility.

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