Benchcrafted Hand Wheel Tail Vice with Machined Finish

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    Benchcrafted Hand Wheel Tail Vice with Machined Finish BCTVM

    Benchcrafted Tail Vice: Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

    Benchcrafted's tail vice provides the best of both worlds by utilising a moving dog block and nut, but retaining a stationary screw. This allows the entire length of the screw to be used, preventing the screw from protruding past the end of the bench. 

    Combine this with Benchcrafted's renowned precision-rolled acme screw and you can achieve typical rotation without any of the usual drawbacks.

    Why a tail vice?

    Put simply, why not? There are numerous advantages to installing a tail leg vice in your workbench and with this model, jobs like mallet work, mortising and chopping dovetails will no longer have a negative effect on the vice's lifespan.

    It also prevents sagging and hand plane chatter. This system is also much easier to install than regular tail vices, as there's no complicated wood superstructure required.

    The only drawback is the lack of open-front jaws, however, this can cause problems in itself due to the large unsupported area below workpieces. 

    The vice, when installed at its maximum capacity and using a 127mm (5in) long dog block, is capable of handling a 300mm (11-3/4in) wide board. Maximum travel is 311mm (12-1/4in) using a 73mm (2-7/8in) end cap. 

    • Moving dog block and 1" thick nut, stationary screw
    • Innovative, intuitive design for ease of use
    • Left-hand thread, precision-rolled acme screw provides for typical rotation when operating the vice
    • 5in diameter cast-iron hand wheel for far easier, quicker adjustment
    • Cold-rolled steel guide rails to support the robust sliding plate assembly

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