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  • Big Thanks!

    I just want to throw out a BIG thanks to all staff for being on the ball with EVERYTHING. It is real pleasure shopping with you. Have a wonderful happy Xmas, put your feet up and relax, you have earned it and then some. I will see you all in the New Year.

    Graeme L.

  • It cuts beautifully!

    In my last email I said that if you didn't hear from me by last Friday it would be all good news and it is, however having got everything up and running I cannot resist another email to tell you how delighted I am with the Sherwood bandsaw. It cuts beautifully with no blade drift and many handy features compared to others.

    Newton P.

  • Amazing!

    The saw arrived this morning about 8am! That's about 18 hours after I ordered it. And I live 400km from Canning Vale. Brilliant service. Thank you!

    Kind regards

    Geoff R.

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Bevel Envy - Sharpening by hand, the essential tools

Bevel Envy - Sharpening by hand, the essential tools

Sharpening by hand, the essential tools

Sharpening induced anxiety is better known as Bevel Envy. A debilitating condition that affects a broad range of woodworking practitioners. This may seem like a joke, yet if you are unable to sharpen well for whatever reason - it will limit you in the craft.

Donna suffers from bevel envy. She loves woodworking yet is not confident with sharpening. And not having the confidence to sharpen her tools is a major mental barrier for Donna. Don’t get me wrong, she has worked on this core skill. But the truth is, Donna is not sure exactly what she is trying to achieve, and she is quite unsure on how to achieve it.

Category: Timbecon, Sharpening
Bevel Envy – The Source of Woodworker Anxiety

Bevel Envy – The Source of Woodworker Anxiety

Sharpening creates anxiety. Known colloquially as Bevel Envy. Sharpening related anxiety is a curse upon the new woodworker and somewhat experienced enthusiast alike. To be fair, not all woodworkers suffer from this debilitating condition. There are after-all plenty of ‘pros’ out there who have successfully mastered this discipline and can sharpen a blade that will cut through time and space itself. How do we know this? Simple, they will tell you.
Category: Timbecon, Sharpening
Building Your Own Dust Collection System - Part 2

Building Your Own Dust Collection System - Part 2

Dust collection can be a complex undertaking for many woodworkers. So, to help you out, we have taken what we know and created this dust collection guideline written in two parts:

  • Part 1 – The Dark Arts of Dust Collection
  • Part 2 – Designing and Building Your Own Dust Collection System

Part 1 focuses on the conceptual elements of designing a system and the common gear you will need to build one.


Timbecon Pty Ltd

Timbecon was originally started as a retail shop in May 1989 to meeting growing demand for woodworking machinery, tools and accessories. Since its humble beginnings in 1989, Timbecon has grown from being a small independent hardware retailer to becoming one of Australia’s leading woodworking tools suppliers with stores in both Perth and Melbourne as well as the ability to ship Australia-wide with exceptional delivery times. 

The business has been shaped by our customers - looking at the requests that we get for new and unusual tools from all corners of the globe and sourcing these - meaning that we have a range of tools from both Australian as well as many overseas suppliers that offer great quality and value-for-money.

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