891 Series Rail & Stile Router Bit Sets

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    891 Series Rail & Stile Router Bit Sets

    Video below shows Torquata bits in action - also applicable to the CMT Range

    A well-constructed door will bear the mark of a perfect joint - clean, exact and well-crafted for strength. For this project, the CMT male-female rail and stile sets are the perfect pair. Made to our specifications they match exactly; not simply approximated like standard reversible cutters. Choose the style of CMT rail and stile set that best suits your needs and create smooth, perfect joints in hard and soft woods with accuracy and speed. Perfect for working in stock from 18mm (11/16”) and 22mm (7/8”).

    Product Code Shank Size (S) Max Joint Thickness (T) Cutting Diameter Metric (D) Cutting Diameter Imp'l (D) Profile No. Overall Length (L)
    891.501.11 1/2in 7/8in 44.5 1-3/4in A 2-51/64in
    891.502.11 1/2in 7/8in 44.5 1-3/4in B 2-51/64in
    891.503.11 1/2in 7/8in 44.5 1-3/4in C 2-51/64in

    Rail And Stile Instructions

    Router Bit 891-501-11
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    Router Bit 891-502-11
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    RRP: $249.00
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