880 Series Solid Surface Rounding Over Bits

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    880 Series Solid Surface Rounding Over Bits

    Solid surface material, most commonly known as Corian (the inventing brand name behind the material) requires specialized bits used in normal routers to cut, shape and trim the material. CMT do these bits better than most. Where necessary, a special non-marring Delrin® bearing is installed to protect the finished edges. The special angled Delrin® sleeve lets you work without leaving marks on the workpiece. 

    Use these bits to create a traditional roundover edge on solid surface countertops. For use on hand-held portable routers.


    Product Code Shank Size (S) Cutting Radius (R) Cutter Diameter Metric (D) Cutting Diameter Imp'l (D) Cutting Length (I) Overall Length (L)
    880.501.11 1/2in 3.2 19.0 3/4in 12.7 2-11/32in
    880.502.11 1/2in 6.4 25.4 1in 12.7 2-11/32in
    880.503.11 1/2in 9.5 31.7 1-1/4in 14.3 2-25/64in
    880.504.11 1/2in 12.7 38.1 1-1/2in 19.0 2-19/32in


    Router Bit 880-501-11
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    Router Bit 880-502-11
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    Router Bit 880-504-11
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