20in Industrial Thicknesser

  • 20in Industrial Thicknesser

    While the 16in unit performs well for most users, the 20in unit builds on the same design with a couple of major upgrades. 

    The cabinet stand is thick, welded steel plate designed to provide a secure base for the rest of machine, supporting the motor and absorbing the vibration inherent in planing operations. The motor is either a 3HP single-phase (15-Amp, 240V) or 5HP three-phase (415V) and runs a triple-belt pulley system to the cutterhead. The cutterhead is supported by large Japanese SKF bearings, for smoother, quieter operation with lower friction - improving service life and performance.

    The straight blade cutterhead is a larger diameter and has four blades installed - providing better inherent balance and 33% more cuts per minute compared with the 16in unit.

    Check and Compare Spec's Before You Commit - The optional tungsten carbide-knife helical spiral head supplied is fitted with the premium full six-spiral 126-knife helical spiral head, not the economy sub-100 knife versions found on other brands.

    Some of the most important other features of this unit are - 

    • Massive cast-iron base, feed table and cutterhead assembly
    • Two feed-speed gearbox included as standard
    • Four massive support posts with chain-driven precise height adjustment
    • Cutterhead locks for consistent thicknessing large quantities of material
    • Integrated dust chute with 4in outlet for efficient extraction
    • Mobile wheel kit built into base with one foot engagement to move around as necessary
    • Serrated steel infeed and ultra-high density rubber outfeed roller will not mar work
    • Industrial magnetic no-volt-release switch with quick stop button
    • Cast-iron feed support tables that once assembled provides a jointer-like 1430mm bed
    • Integral rollers for passing material from the outfeed to infeed side
      THU-5081 THU-5083
    Motor Size 2200W (3HP) - 240V 3750W (5HP) - 415V
    Motor Type Induction Induction
    # of Belts 3 3
    Cutterhead Speed 5000rpm 5000rpm
    # of Blades 4 4
    Blade Type Resharpenable Resharpenable
    Cutterhead Lock Yes Yes
    Max Planing Capacity 508 x 203mm 508 x 203mm
    Min Stock Thickness 3.2mm 3.2mm
    Planer Bed Size 490 x 655mm 490 x 655mm
    Extension Table Size 530 x 390mm 530 x 390mm
    Planer Feed Speed 4.8 & 6m/min 4.8 & 6m/min
    Dust Port Diameter 102mm (4in) 102mm (4in)
    Machine Footprint 1055 x 1430 x 990mm 1055 x 1430 x 990mm

    Upgrade your standard cutterhead to a Sherwood Spiral Head! Click here for more info on Sherwood Spiral Heads available separately. Price for thicknesser with spiral head fitted listed below.

    Due to the weight of this machine, please contact us for a personalized freight quote delivered to you.

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $80.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

    Single Phase - 240V
    $2,899.00 (inc GST)
    Three Phase - 415V
    $2,899.00 (inc GST)
    Single Phase - Spiral Head Fitted
    $4,699.00 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    Three Phase - Spiral Head Fitted
    $4,699.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement blade set
    $175.00 (inc GST)
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