200XT Pocket Hole Jig Kit

  • 200XT Pocket Hole Jig Kit MC-7331


    The Milescraft PocketJig200XT Kit including 51mm (2in) Face Frame Clamp.

    This pocket hole jig allows you to connect your workpieces in a quick and timely manner. Whether you want to build storage projects, cabinets, shelves or bookcases, this kit does it all. Allowing you to create corner joints, T-Joints, Framing Joints, Miter Joints and do repairs. With built-in board thicknesses, there is no need to manually measure. Just set this pocket jig to your desired setting, set the depth of your bit and start drilling.

    PocketJig200 Pocket Hole Jig Kit – Designed To Make Repairs Simple

    • Easy flip fence allows the jig to be set to do repairs of any nature around your home or your shop

    Built-In Imperial And Metric Scales

    • The built-in scales allow you to easily measure the thickness of your workpiece

    Board Thickness Settings

    • There are four common board thickness settings built into the pocket jig: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/2” (12, 19, 27, 38mm)
    • Easy readout arrow to help define your board thickness setting
    • Easy adjust to your board thickness setting with the single sled design and locking cam lever

    Clamping Magnet

    • The PocketJig200 includes a clamping magnet to allow you to easily secure the jig to your workpiece using any standard metal clamp

    Hardened Steel Drill Bushings

    • The bushings allow for precise pocket holes every time using the Milescraft PocketBit
    • Tight tolerances between the bushings and the drill bit, reduce tear-out and create a clean pocket hole on the first try

    Built-In Depth Stop Setting

    • Quickly and easily set your pocket jig drilling depth using the built-in stop collar setting on the underside of the jig
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