1HP Dust Extractor

  • 1HP Dust Extractor

    An economical extractor for small home workshop use. The 230mm-diameter impeller is capable of removing dust from a single machine at any one time creating a normal volume of dust - such as a table saw, bandsaw, sanders and lathes. It comes standard on a base with castors for easy portability, as well as a needle felt filter bag and plastic collector bag.

    Image shown with optional Pleated Filter Cartridge.

    Specifications - 

    Motor 750W (1HP)
    Air Flow 600CFM
    Static Pressure 4.0"/H2O
    Inlet Diameter 1 x 4in
    Bag Diameter 370mm
    Bag Capacity 57L
    Assembled Size 1575 x 650 x 425mm

    It Starts With Air Flow

    There are two measurements of extractor efficiency – air flow which we measure in in cubic feet/minute (CFM) and the other lesser known measurement is static pressure that we measure in inches of water (in/H2O).

    Most woodworkers buy on CFM, but this is only a measurement of the extractor flow when no hose is attached and at the head of the extractor – not a common real-world measure. On the other hand, static pressure measures the resistance once hose has been attached.

    This will of course vary depending on the hose size so we list all static pressure measurements with the most common size 4in hose for consistency of comparison. As hose size increases static pressure will decrease and vice versa for smaller hose.

    So make sure when you compare extractors that you get the static pressure rating as well as the CFM to ensure that you are getting a machine that will work as well as the Sherwood range. 

    Dust Extractor Only
    $259.00 (inc GST)
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