150mm Digital Protractor & T-Rule

  • 150mm Digital Protractor & T-Rule IG-35407-T

    While the 1.15mm thick stainless blades with clear metric and imperial graduations arms are shorter than the standard digital protractor (blade length 180mm vs. 275mm), the addition of the 280mm long chrome-finished aluminium-alloy fence turns this protractor turns into a highly accurate, easy-to-use digital sliding bevel. The additional base means you will find it much easier to use due to the increased stability of the fence.

    It shows the entire 360° range that is accurate to +/-0.2° and arms lock together using a knurled stainless nut. A great improvement for setting angles when laying out or for getting an accurate angle on an existing work piece to transfer. The reverse button flips the reading direction of the display on the large, clear LCD display.

    Our pick for accurate angle measurements.

    $45.90 (inc GST)

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