13in Thicknesser & Dust Collector Combo - Deluxe

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    13in Thicknesser & Dust Collector Combo - Deluxe MB-1936-DCKIT

    Get the 13in Deluxe Thicknesser with a Compact Dust Collector and save!

    Why the 13in (330mm) Deluxe Thicknesser?

    Like the difference between high-speed steel and tungsten carbide tipped router bits, the knives found in this unit offer improved cutting performance improvement and most importantly, much longer cutting times before becoming blunt - reducing the running costs of this unit significantly over the lifetime of the machine. 

    The segmented spiral head uses a 27mm-wide (not the standard 14-15mm width knives found in other units) meaning that each tip is passing over more of the material, leaving a smoother finish and not working as hard - also creating improved cuts and extended working times before becoming blunt. 

    Which thicknesser is right for me?

    The knives are arranged in a straight pattern not a helical spiral head found in larger machines, and are designed to shear cut the work piece rather than planing the full width at the same time.

    It requires less horsepower, makes smaller chips and less noise than standard full-width blade types of standard cutterheads. Unlike conventional straight blade planers you do not need to replace the knife if it becomes damaged or dull. Instead, if one knife edge is damaged or has become blunt simply turn it to another edge in seconds. You will only need to replace the inserts when the two edges are dull giving you more life than the standard knives.

    Your initial investment is paid back in no time. Plus, even though it has the same motor as the Standard Thicknesser, it performs better with less load being placed on the motor, therefore prolonging motor life as well as providing a better quality cut and the ability to plane figured and difficult grains with relative ease.

    Sherwood's Super-Compact, High-Powered Dust Collector

    This extractor is a revolution in portable dust control in the workshop. It has a powerful 1100W brush-type motor that operates a High Pressure Low Volume (HPLV) extraction system. Its flow rate is approximately 53L/second making it suitable for extracting off all small woodworking machines such as router tables, table saws, benchtop thicknessers etc. It comes standard is 2m of 4in dust hose to be located close to the machine for maximum efficiency. 

    The twin filtration system will filter fine dust down to 0.5micron and has a steel 50L collection drum that is easily emptied via  single-action quick release barrel clamp when getting full. 


    • 1100W 240V motor
    • Handle for easy moving
    • Filter cartridge
    • Polyester needle-felt filter bag
    • Filtration 0.5 micron
    • Storage capacity 50 litres
    • Hose length 2000mm
    • Hose connection Ø100mm
    • Noise level 85dB (A)
    • Dimensions: Ø400 x 700mm (W x H)
    • Empty weight approx. 12kg

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    13in Deluxe Thicknesser

    Compact Dust Extractor

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