13in Deluxe Thicknesser Helical Spiral Head

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    13in Deluxe Thicknesser Helical Spiral Head MBSC-1936

    The only benchtop thicknesser with helical spiral cutter head!

    Sherwood continues to remain at the forefront of innovation with the first benchtop thicknesser fitted with a helical spiral cutter head.

    The cutterhead fitted with 30 14mm wide knives on a true helical spiral head pass over more material, leaving a smoother finish while not having to work as hard.

    The knives in this unit offer improved cutting performance and a much longer cutting time before becoming blunt - reducing the running costs of this unit significantly over the lifetime of the machine. 

    Integrated rollers in the top to pass material back over when in use, providing more protection and presence wherever it goes.


    1. Solid granite base improving machine weight and stability while maintaining consistent flatness.
    2. Built-in depth-of-cut stop. Set the depth to all common thicknesses in imperial and metric measurements maintaining consistent thickness when planing multiple pieces.
    3. Larger in-feed and out-feed tables that support your work piece more effectively.
    4. Cutter head parallelism is maintained by four precision ground steel posts.
    5. In-built dust chute and dust port with a unique three step size built into one outlet.


    • Motor: 1500W (2HP) Brush Type
    • Belts: 1
    • Cutter-head Speed: 9500 rpm
    • 30 14mm wide knives
    • Blade Type: Helical Spiral
    • Cutter-head Lock: No
    • Max Planing Capacity: 330 x 152 mm
    • Min Stock Thickness: 2.8 mm
    • Planer Bed Size: 330 x 240 mm
    • Extension Table Size: 332 x 230 mm
    • Planer Feed Speed: 7 m/min
    • Dust Port Diameter: 2 in, 2 1/2 in, 4 in
    • Machine Footprint: 540 x 710 x 485 mm
    • Weight: 35 kg
    • Amperage: 10 amps
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    RRP: $1,099.00
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