12in Dovetail Jig Half-Blind Templates

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    12in Dovetail Jig Half-Blind Templates

    Half Blind Dovetail Templates for the 12 Inch Dovetail Jig

    Part of the world-famous Baladonia Dovetail Jig and Dovetail Jig System. The Baladonia Dovetail System comes standard with the 1/2in half-blind template so if you damage it and it needs replacing you can buy this separately. 

    Dovetail Jig Template Half-Blind 5/16in

    Another other option is the small 5/16in comb to be used on small, fine decorative work. The template is suitable for use up to 12mm timber in conjunction with the DT-079-Q router bit, available separately. To see how these are used and how well they perform, watch our in-house videos (above)

    5/16in | 7.9mm
    $57.90 (inc GST)
    1/2in | 12.7mm
    $57.90 (inc GST)

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