10in Wetstone Grinder

  • 10in Wetstone Grinder

    Get Your Tools Sharp Fast.

    The basis of the Sherwood Wetstone Grinding System is the grinder itself. Well specified with the features outlined below, the cool running wet grinding system will allow you to sharpen a range of tools to a razor-sharp finish in a cost-effective package.

    • Powerful 180W induction motor provides quiet & efficient operation
    • High-grade 220 grit stone sharpens woodworking tools efficiently
    • Water trough keeps the stone wet & the grinding surface cool, preventing overheating
    • Leather honing wheel creates razor-sharp, polished edges in one compact machine
    • Horizontal mounts for support arms maintain the correct angle for honing the blade
    • Vertical mounts for support arm for perfect positioning of the blade for sharpening
    • Standardized 12mm mounting bar system suits wide range of sharpening jig brands
    • Rubber feet keep the machine steady & minimise vibration

    The Sherwood Grinder can be purchased on its own or with the Accessory Kit #2 that includes the following accessories -  

    • Support Artm Extension
    • Diamond Truing Tool
    • Machine Cover

    Or with the Accessory Kit #3 that includes the following accessories:

    1x 10in Wetstone Grinder Short Knife Jig
    1x 10in Wetstone Grinder Long Knife Jig

    1x 10in Wetstone Grinder Axe Jig

    These optional extras can be purchased separately or as one neat package to get started.  

    Simply select the jigs you are going to use most commonly below to complete the system which are all available separately. 

    Tool Rest - Creates a large, 88 x 107mm stable platform for sharpening a variety of tools. Especially good for larger bevel angles.

    Support Arm Extension - Provides simultaneous tool support above the grindstone and honing wheels.

    Diamond Truing Tool - Easy to setup for quick restoration of the grinding surface than standard stone grader. The back bar controls rate of material removal.

    Profiled Leather Honing Wheel - Gets inside turning chisels and carving gouges plus V-parting tools. Produced from solid tanned leather

    Short Knife Jig - Use for short kitchen knives to create a razor-sharp edge.

    Long Knife Jig - Use for long or thin flexible fileting knives. Broad clamping head holds blade securely.

    Scissor JigRestores sharp edge to blunt scissors and can be used on garden shears. Twin clamps to completely secure blades.

    Axe Jig - Holds hatchet and axe heads securely for efficient repeatable sharpening to keen edge.

    Straight Edge Jig - Suits chisels, plane irons etc. up to 40mm wide.

    Plane Camber Jig - Suits all standard plane irons. Puts an even, slight radius onto the edge. Camber creates improved shearing action.

    Turning Gouge Jig - Controlled, accurate sharpening of all types of woodturning gouges, including fingernail grind.

    Carving Tool Jig - For accurate sharpening of carving tools and other short tools. Clamps narrow and butt chisels firmly. Internal 'v' shape automatically centres the tool. Will also clamp power tool carving blades.














    Wetstone Grinder
    $379.00 (inc GST)
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    Accessory Kit #2
    $79.90 (inc GST)
    Accessory Kit #3
    $139.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement Grinding Wheel
    $85.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement Honing Wheel
    $50.00 (inc GST)
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